Paper Submissions

Each session will be allocated a time slot of 1hr 45 mins. This typically consists of 4x20min papers and 25mins for Q&A. It is important that the chair manages timekeeping for the whole group and keeps this within the allocated time for the session.
If you have four presenters in your group, we would suggest 2000-2500 words  maximum, for a 20 minute paper. A dialogue between presenters and chairs should happen, it was suggested that the presenters send chairs draft papers by the end of Nov. and that the chairs respond before Christmas allowing a few weeks for alterations before the final submission. 
The final paper submission should be formatted as a pdf or ppt and emailed to ( cc’ed to chair) two weeks before the conference by Friday 15th Jan.2016. 

The Maximum file size is 20mb as this is usually the largest file size that can be e-mailed/ accepted by most systems. Most text files would be much smaller than this.

We would also like to receive the slides as well as the written paper  two weeks before the conference.  It would make for a smoother running conference to have all slides uploaded in advance of the presentations as a ppt or pdf…no messing with various file types/ usb sticks or finding appropriate cable attachments for laptops etc.