Person, Place, Time

Papers are invited on the theme of the intimate and ever-evolving relationship between the built environment and the human user.

‘Usability’ is often couched only in terms of the functional, ignoring perceptual and phenomenological aspects of the user’s experience. Whether or not the architect chooses to explicitly address the complex nature of the user’s relationship with his/her design, the user nonetheless experiences architectural space on a continuous and multisensory level; as such there is a significant temporal aspect to the user’s experience. We do not leave our buildings as we find them. At the same time, they contribute to shaping human experience. The user–environment relationship may continue to evolve over long periods of time, impacting on the user and conversely, on the environment, through modification by the user. This last is articulated overtly in the design of computationally-enabled responsive environments, and adaptive installations at the architectural scale.

Contributions are invited on all related aspects of architectural design: human interaction with architectural and urban space, the influence of architecture on human behaviour in personal and social contexts, architecture and wellbeing, human perception and phenomenological approaches to design, user experience and usability, smart environments, and interactive and time-based architecture and installations.

Session chair: Dr Cathy Dalton,, University College Cork